The concept is put together by Filtercutter. Willing to perform Live Dubstep Sound. It’s basically a collaboration of a friends musicians, quite a unique thing in the Balkan region at the time. With familly energy trippy sounds made by jam sessioning and experiments on the fly, band was active during 2008. and 2009.

mixing desk + sampler + keyboards + drums + microphones = <3

Live from Belgrade @Akademija Feb 2009.
flyer form 2008. made by Igor Stangliczky
Filtercutter was pulling the strings with his main sampler and a mixing desk, together with two keyboardists (Bojan, Darja) and an electronic percussions player (Stung). With the helping microphone force from Mc Bojah and Mc Techs rising the vibes up with rhymes 'n flow.
Photos by Isidora J.

Boards has arrived :)

Published on November 17, 2016

Casio synth hack

Published on June 17, 2016