My latest electronics project - midi interface for Gameboy! Built using two plastic glasses from a supermarket. Looks like that :

Now back to making some chip-tune! :)

The concept is put together by Filtercutter. Willing to perform Live Dubstep Sound. It’s basically a collaboration of a friends musicians, quite a unique thing in the Balkan region at the time. With familly energy trippy sounds made by jam sessioning and experiments on the fly, band was active during 2008. and 2009.

mixing desk + sampler + keyboards + drums + microphones = <3

Live from Belgrade @Akademija Feb 2009.
flyer form 2008. made by Igor Stangliczky
Filtercutter was pulling the strings with his main sampler and a mixing desk, together with two keyboardists (Bojan, Darja) and an electronic percussions player (Stung). With the helping microphone force from Mc Bojah and Mc Techs rising the vibes up with rhymes 'n flow.
Photos by Isidora J.
Filtercutter 1 Up out on Svetlana Industries Vinyl 12

Filtercutter 1 up out on Svetlana Industries Vinyl 12 inch (svet001). Mastered by Jason at Transition Studios. Distributed by Cargo Records UK. Design by Nous Sommes Des Soleils.

It was accompanied by a bass-heavy minimal-deep Ramadanman Refix. Artist also known as Pearson Sound, founder of hessleaudio record label.

Vinyl Image

To mark the release we’ve also commissioned a sexy t-shirt from Nous Sommes Des Soleils. The shirt is made by a friend in a small workshop factory from Belgrade, and some elements are sewn by hand. We’ve worked with the maker to develop a custom garment so it is slightly longer than usual with a wider neck. It is designed to be loose and cool, so it’s available in M (ideal for women and smaller men), L (ideal for larger women and skinny men), and XL (ideal for most people). To be honest XL is the look we’re going for with this. Currently the shirt is only available in a bundle with the vinyl in a strictly limited edition of 40 worldwide. Get it direct from our shop.

Svetlana Industries