I made a tiny analog synth by using a 555 timer chip and packed it in an Altoids box :)

Synth is a good example of simple electronic design giving great sonic effects. Base is an astable and monostable multivibrator circuit. Two oscillators modulate one another by changing the pulse width.

Hello mister noise box #synth #jamming #fx #box

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Mix for Pixelatique Magazine

Mixtape for Pixelatique magazine, featuring some of the most interesting musicans. These people that I really dig at the moment. All packed with some of my latest tunes. The mix has reached 5th place in the Experimental chart and 12th in the Electronic chart on mixcloud.com.

Pixelatique Podcast #34 - Filtercutter by Pixelatique on Mixcloud


This is an effect box prototype, for live video performances and effects for DJs and live acts. Based on the video op-amp chip found usually in analog VHS players. Effects are made by circuit bending the chip with potentiometers. Modulation can be controlled trough MIDI signal. Transistors are switching the notes on and off, that way triggering modulation.

Dub Carruseles 12 inch Vinyl

Dub Carruseles I // 12″ strictly vinyl // 300 limited

This heavy bass colab with Amsterdam’s Selektor Depender, turned out as a lovely vinyl release. Pure classic.


  • a1 215 BY
  • a2 215 BY DUB
  • a3 215 BY x
  • b1 MISTY DUB
  • b2 MISTY DUB Version
  • b3 MISTY DUB x

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Translucent Album Remixes

Mad-Hop​ Records drops the release of “Translucent” Remixes including the fresh Remix of Translucent tune, after the first one that’s included on the DNte​ - “Moments” 12’ vinyl ep. It’s a verson featuring different vibes, slower bpm with heavy synth and bass.

You can order DNte Moments original Vinyl release, from the Bandcamp ->

Mad-Hop Records