Prototyping box for implementing different development ideas directly embedded. It consist of ARM m7 chip and analog / digital hardware UI components.

Recycled materials were used as parts e.g. buttons caps and joystick are form the PlayStation. The box is made with a laser-cutter.

I am considering an option to make hardware and software open source and available on Github page.

Darren Keen USB Release

Pre-order this lovely USB drive with music goodies on it.

Made out of eco-friendly bamboo wood, with remixes by Starkey, BSN Posse, Normaling, Somejerk, Todd Fink and myself Filtercutter!

You’ll get a remix stems included, for you to have fun with!

Darren Keen - USB Is My Co-Pilot

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Unlog Complex 05

New Unlog Compilation is out today!

Its a beat selection from finest newage beatmakers from all over the internet. I pretty much enjoy to be part of it. <3

Download it Here

SSWll – 9th cloud – Woodwire – Bassilus C – Tehu – Swealer – Mart One – D£UC£ – Ato – Yapo – Debmaster – Filtercutter – Noza – Sicaa – L – Kuna Maze – Ally Mobbs – Jeebrahil


This baby is an AVR based 8Bit FM synth with two oscilators and it looks like this :)

Two encoders are modulating the frequency of the oscillators. Pressing the button on the first pot saves and recalls the sound as a preset, while pressing the other button switches between different effect modes.

Live in Amsterdam video

Video recording of the Filtercutter Live Show from Low-Pitched event no.3

Show took place in Amsterdam’s Ot301 club, and its a showcase of my mostly unrelesed tunes, live remixed on the fly with a dub-style effects. Visuals are done by Piss and Laugh TV, and hosted by MC Diamanta.

Filtercutter Live • Low Pitched 3 from Piss & Laugh TV on Vimeo.